This past year, I discovered the magic of the DIY spa. Interestingly enough, my ideas did not come from Pinterest, as many of them do, but I definitely used some of the Pinterest posts to expound upon what I already knew. When I began this semester, one of my classes was a very long, very tiring residency that occurred once a week, for twelve to thirteen hours a week. Talking to my mom (the catalyst for this awesome discovery), she suggested that I try soaking my feet a few times a week.

This idea was mind-blowing, for me, and I honestly wondered why I had never thought of it myself! So in an effort to make this happen as soon as possible, I took myself to the dollar store and bought—for a whopping $1.07 each—two dishpans! My feet are pretty small, and so instead of buying fancy foot soaking tubs, I figured that dishpans would do and they come in all shapes and sizes, which is absolutely perfect for me and for my college student budget. Then, I took myself to my favorite discount beauty supply (Go, Harmon’s!) and found a giant carton of Epsom salts for $4.00 and I was set for my first experiment in the foot-soaking world. So, in my dorm room, after a very long day, I filled up my Proctor-Silex Electric Tea Kettle (everyone should have one, it’s a lifesaver) and set it to boil. When it finally dinged, I followed the directions on the Epsom salts and poured in a cup into my dishpan and poured the hot water in after it and let it mix and then, I promptly plopped my feet into the luscious wonder of warm water and soothing scents.

After this first attempt, I got more complicated, of course. I learned how to light lavender candles a few minutes before I started soaking so that the scent enveloped the room. I learned how to mix in some baby oil or coconut oil into the water (just a touch) for a moisturizing effect! I also started to make it more fun by investing in a robe, adding a facial mask and hair mask, grabbing me all sorts of lavender-scented lotions and body washes, and playing my Relaxation Pandora station while I was basking in my low lit room. Then, I realized, that this, making time for myself fulfilled yet another one of my New Year’s resolutions and that I had done it; I had found the courage to say “No” to the requests of others in a favor for some time that I needed in order to make it through the next day and the day after that and every day thereafter.

So, friends, for recipes and other fun things, literally just Google search “DIY spa recipes” and have at it. Make things less complicated and have loads of fun making scrubs, facials and foot soaks for less than $10, because it’s been well worth the investment for me.

Love, PB


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