Sneak Peeks

I’m excited to announce that after deciding to treat myself today, I have a bunch of new products that I’m going to be reviewing for you this week!

Here’s a preview:


Spontaneous LUSH haul after a trip to the mall!

That’s right! I got myself to LUSH Cosmetics and in addition to the Lust bar soap and the Love Lettuce Face Mask (not pictured) that I purchased, the lovely ladies at LUSH gave me a few samples of other products I was interested in: the Jasmine-Henna and H’suan Wen Hua Hair Masks, the Fair Trade foot lotion and the Mint Julips Lip Scrub! How exciting!

In addition, I’m planning on reviewing for all of you my newest discovery and foray into the world of Forever21 camis, sold for just $1.80 and in a variety of colors as well!

Keep your eyes open and get ready for this great, fun time!


Love, PB


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