DIY Foot Soak Recipe

So, in a previous post, I alluded to one of my favorite nighttime activities: the foot soak. Below, you’ll find exactly how I did it so you can do it yourself too!

You will need:

  • dishpan or foot soak bowl big enough to fit both feet
  • a really comfortable seat
  • method of boiling water (I use an electric kettle, but anything will do)
  • Epsom salts
  • at least two liters of cool water (depending upon your temperature preferences)
  • moisturizer of choice (I use coconut oil or baby oil with shea butter)
  • towels (2)
  • foot moisturizer (A+D or LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion for me)
  • socks

Here’s the skinny:

  1. Set up your space. Turn on your favorite music. Put on some candles. Dim the lights. Make wherever you are your sanctuary and it will become that.
  2. Lay a towel on the ground in front of where you’re sitting. This is where you’ll be placing your bowl full of steamy, delicious water.
  3. Rinse out your foot soak receptacle and add a heaping two scoops of your favorite epsom salt
  4. Turn on your electric kettle or stove, however you’re going to boil your water, and allow water to come to a boil and pour into your foot soak bowl/dishpan. Remember that this water is extremely hot.
  5. Add some cool water in order to offset the hot, lightly dip your fingers in and determine whether or not the water temperature is right. Adjust temperature according to your preferences using hot and cool water.
  6. After the water has been cooled to the right temperature, add your favorite moisturizer of choice. I usually like to mix it up, so I added about a an eighth of a cup (1/8 cup) of baby oil. Mix into the water. Because oil and water don’t really combine to form a true mixture, bubbling of the oil is natural. Just make sure the oil isn’t congregating in giant pools. You want is as evenly distributed as possible.
  7. Place your towel and foot moisturizer right next to you (mine are usually on the floor) and make sure you have whatever you’d like to do during this time (I usually just close my eyes and bask in the solitude, but reading works too).
  8. Pop a squat and slip those puppies into the water, making sure that your ankles are covered and enjoy for about ten to fifteen minutes!
  9. Post-soak, pat your feet dry with your towel and allow them to rest in the air for a little bit. The cooling sensation is wonderful.
  10. Apply your favorite moisturizer of choice and put on some socks for an extra cozy feeling!

And there you have it!

Happy adventuring!

Love, PB


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