Schlepping Around

I love purses. I really do and I have found in my very short two decades and change years of life that there are many, many things that a woman should keep in her purse at all times, because we’ve got to be prepared for every situation that life throws our way!

That’s how I am, I’m a woman that believes that prevention and preparation are absolutely key to great days. I mean, granted, you can’t possibly prepare for everything, but feeling somewhat ready for most situations lends to a certain degree of relaxation that I find quite pleasant. Now, please don’t judge me; I’ve already warned you about my slightly anal retentive personality, but if you absolutely must judge me, feel free (as long as you promise to at least try one thing from this post, heh)!

First, the purse: my current summer favorite has been this bright green Longchamp tote given to me by an aunt as a gift.


I know you can’t really see from the picture, but this purse is HUGE and is really my catch-all for all the things I carry around with me. Unique to the Longchamp style, this bag has no interior pockets and is kind of just one cavernous hole to fill with items of your choosing save the small key pocket right under the flap. It’s sturdy, wide at the bottom and is honestly larger than it looks. In addition to my usual, I was in a tight spot and had to shove my laptop, charger and iPad into it and everything was perfect, with room left over! 

In my purse, I generally carry four items: two little pouches, my wallet and a neat little wire notebook.


The one with the hearts all over it is a LeSport Sac cosmetic pouch that I received for Christmas a very long time ago and had in storage until about last year. The Little Prince bag hails from Paris and is from a fellow blogger and real-life sister and friend, The Lauren Lizzie (her blog, The Diary of an Iconoclast, is quite something. Explore!). My wallet was a gift, also, and is Kate Spade in a simple black leather and finally, in the bottom left corner, you’ve got my cute little memo pad that I use to scribble down grocery lists, ideas at stoplights and just thoughts that need to be revisited later in the day when I’m less busy.

Now for the fun – what I keep in each little pouch! (This is where you’re going to begin to judge me, because I judge myself, too). This first one I call my “spillables” bag, because it’s waterproof and basically holds everything that could possibly bring harm to anything at my purse at any given time, namely my electronic devices.


One of my favorite things in this bag is that small circular container with the purple top. I don’t know if you can really tell from this poor photo, but it has a white, dusty-looking substance in it and that substance is…wait for it…baby powder! I prefer baby powder to dry shampoo because I think it works better than everything I’ve ever tried, so thanks to my retractable brush, within a few minutes, I look and feel fresh (and it’s a plus that this particular J+J Baby Powder has a lavender chamomile scent)! The other great thing int this little baggie is my travel set of make-up brushes from Forever21 that has a powder brush, complexion brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush and angled brush. For only $5.00, I got this magical little pouch that fits in everything I own and it’s saved me on many occasions already! Aside from what I’ve explained, you’ll also see a pair of extra contacts, a comb, an LED flashlight, aloe wipes and barf bags (I have really bad motion sickness, ick).

This next purse, I call my cosmetic case because…well:


I’ve got everything from Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Tea (yes, I carry around my own tea, just in case) to oil-blotting sheets, tissues, bandages and my personal favorites: a menthol stick for headaches, a car charger, a foldable toothbrush and travel-sized Sensodyne toothpaste, a pressed powder and a compact mirror and, my all-time favorite, L’Occitane Amande Hand Creme. You’ll see some feminine needs products along with my Refresh Lubricating Eye Drops, glasses cleaner, bobby pins, Listerine strips, miniature Vaseline, Nivea Mineral+Mint lip balm, a Lâncome lip gloss (from my sister!), a fragrance sample (for the occasional necessary spritz, and a car charger, this is basically everything I need in one little bag.

And so, folks, a little goes a long way and as long as you can pack it…there’s no saying you can’t take it with you!

What do you bring in your purse? Let me know in the comments below! Happy adventuring!

Love, PB


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