e.l.f. on the Shelf!

One of my closest friends, Frances, recently asked me to review a few of my favorite e.l.f. products since she had been looking into trying their makeup and knew I was fan! Let me tell you, folks: I am definitely a fan. e.l.f. was the first makeup brand I’ve ever invested in! I know you may be thinking that it’s not that big a deal, considering many of their products range from $1.00 – 6.00 + tax, but to the eighteen-year-old me that knew absolutely nothing about where to start, e.l.f. gave me my foundation (pun intended).

In order to use all these products, you must first have the appropriate set of tools. Cue the e.l.f. 11-piece studio brush set.


This is, by far, one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. At $30.00, it may seem like I hefty price, but I kid you not, I’ve had this set for four years now and have never had an issue with it. With appropriate maintenance and storage, these brushes are a wonderful investment and they go on sale super often! The brush set includes an angled brush, a fan brush, a concealer brush, two eyeshadow brushes, a blush brush, a fan brush, a complexion brush, a powder brush, a foundation brush and a eyebrow brush, all packaged neatly within this convenient little zip case. I. Love. It. And their studio brush collection has grown over the past years, each individual brush being approximately $3.00 and so, my studio brush collection has grown to include the small stippling brush, an extra complexion brush (I use it for my hair powder) and also, coming soon, a large stippling brush, which is great for foundation!

Speaking of which, priming is an important step to proper makeup setting and the e.l.f. mineral primers are simply to die for at $6.09 a bottle. I say this because the product lasts for quite some time, especially if you’re not using it daily, and comes in a variety of options so that there is literally something for every skin type. My personal favorite is the tone-correcting green, which soothes my skin and counteracts my redness for a more even distribution of my chosen foundation for the day. I love it.


Moving on to your beautiful eyes, you want to start off with the e.l.f. mineral eyelid primer, at only $1.06! I have to tell you that it’s worked wonders for all of my eyeshadows – everything from my L.A. Colors palettes to my Naked 2 by Urban Decay really benefits from the use of this primer, and the best part is that you can’t beat the price. It comes nicely packaged in a conveniently small tube with a handy applicator that looks very much like a lip gloss applicator. Smooth over the eyelids and dab with the finger pads and you’re set to go. In two colors, a nude and a white, everyone has an option. Even though my skin is medium-toned, I use the white to give my eyeshadow more oompf and make it even brighter! Pictured below is the nude sheer shade with applicator.


In addition to this primer, I also love, love, love the custom eyeshadow palette kits that e.l.f. provides their customers. Similar to the idea of MAC customizable eyeshadow palettes, the e.l.f. version comes with a variety of colors and allows you to place your eyeshadows in a lovely, organized palette (mirror included). Each item, the compact and each color, are $1.00 and I’ve got two of these bad boys and I’m about to add a third. They’re perfect for creating palettes you bring with you on the go, with your essential colors. One of mine has all my neutrals (the browns and highlighting white) and the other has what I call my adventure colors, some pinks, deep purples and light mauves.

ELF custom compact (3)

And finally, to top off that dramatic look for the night or for a simple, yet subtle line, the e.l.f. cream eyeliner is a fantastic way to give yourself anywhere from a bold, dramatic line or a cat-eye to a simple daytime look. Coming in a little pot with angled brush applicator included, this little pot will last you months even with everyday use! There is a lot of product in here and at $3.00 it gives the Bobbi Browns a run for their money. I’ve tried it all and I have to say that the way the cream glides on and the lovely, pigmented line it gives you is just sublime. Applying with a brush can be daunting at first, but I promise you that after once or twice – you’ll be a pro!


After all is said and done, all you want to do is go to bed but to prevent bacterial buildup on your skin, you need to clean your brushes! e.l.f. has the perfect solution for someone who only has time to deep clean her brushes (with baby shampoo) once every two weeks. This daily brush cleaner has a pleasant scent, is made with non-irritating ingredients and is great for a quick spritz before you put everything away.


All of these  – my favorite products – allowed me to achieve a simple look that can quickly turn from daytime into an evening out on the town:


Are you in love with e.l.f.? Hate it? Tell me more in the comments below! Happy adventuring!

Love, PB

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