Commuter Struggles

So I’m taking a post-baccalaureate summer class. And since it’s post-bacc and I’m no longer living at school, I have the pleasure of being exposed to (for the first time in two years) a daily commute on a local bus through four zones in my lovely state. I forgot how much I disliked the commute and for someone who has motion sickness like me, a bus driver who’s rough with the brake pedal can be a one-way ticket to nausea and vomiting. Not fun.

Some of the things I’ve had to combat on this dust-filled, sweaty, body-odorous journey are things like:

  • hot, dry skin
  • the sun beating down from my bus stop walk to my destination
  • heat, heat, heat
  • stagnant air on the bus
  • body odor (hopefully not my own)

So, here’s my list of “commuter essentials” for all you savvy travelers out there. Get off the struggle busy and get on with glamorous!

  1. Destress! Get to the bus stop early (I usually get there approximately ten to fifteen minutes prior to the arrival of the bus) and I sit down, get out my bus fare and am all ready to go when the bus shows up. Another thing that I also like to do (don’t know if this is an option everywhere), but I ask the driver for a round trip ticket so that it saves me from having to rummage around for fare at the end of my day.
  2. Refresh! Like I said, I get to the bus stop early, so I like to use that time (especially at the end of my day) to use some of my favorite products: face powder (to get some of that icky summer sticky off my face and give me some matte-lookingm gorgeous skin), my homemade rosewater facial mist (recipe later this week, I promise!). Once on the bus, I apply some chapstick, After Sun lotion with Aloe and pop a piece of candy in my mouth (sugar helps relieve headaches!)
  3. Settle in. On buses, I try to make myself as comfortable as possible. I sit towards the front, on the outside seat, which allows me to sit or lean on my backpack in order to lie down for a quick nap!
  4. Pass the time! I can’t read on a bus, but I love, love, love music and/or podcasts or audiobooks! Do anything that’ll relax you and make the ride more enjoyable.

Happy adventuring!

Love, PB


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