That was my first thought when I found out about this amazing, not-so-well-known offer from WALMART, from all places! That’s right, ladies, Walmart has its own Beauty Box Subscription!

The Walmart BeautyBox is, first and foremost, FREE. It’s a seasonal box that comes four times a year and all you have to do is pay the flat rate $5.00 shipping in order for it to be sent to your address of choice! While the website isn’t so grand or informative as our professional beauty box subscriptions, like Birchbox, it does tell you a little bit about how the Walmart BeautyBox offer works and what you can expect from your purchase. After signing up, I received a charge for $5.00 on my account and my beauty box account lists my order as processing for the Fall 2014 box!

Another fun thing that I really enjoyed about this is the fact that because it’s a drugstore beauty box with drugstore products, many of the items coming to me this fall are going to be affordable and feasible to buy on a regular basis. That was my current issue with some of the beauty box samples I had been getting the past few months–I would receive a box, fall in love with a product and then see that the full size was more than $20 a bottle and realize that would put me (a post-graduate in desperate need of money) at a huge deficit, just for my favorite shampoo! This is definitely something for us beauty bloggers on a budget and is something different that we can bring to the table so thank you to my dear friend and fellow enthusiast, MJJ, for her linkage! 

Check it out and tell me what you think! Any of you ever subscribe to Walmart before? Tell me in the comments bellow and Happy Adventuring! 

Love, PB


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