Honestly Abe

With the beginnings of a new school year making an appearance, I wanted to share with everyone one of my favorite websites. 

Most of you, if you haven’t figured it out by now, probably have realized that I am an extreme bookie. I. Love. Books. I have an unhealthy obsession with them, I have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in my bedroom and my world (and paycheck) rise and set on what books I can buy with what money. I always have a list of books to read, I dabble in some writing myself (haha, dabble is the appropriate word) and I am so in love with the way books are. Everything about them makes me happy. They are my happy place. 

With that said, books are expensive. Extremely so. Especially when you are dealing with textbooks. Cue my favorite place on the World Wide Web, AbeBooks. The website doesn’t boast about itself, but it’s tagline is Passion for Books. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s what this is. This is a place where you can get all your books from anywhere in the world for insanely small amounts of money. It’s the greatest thing in the world! I have found books I’ve been trying to find for YEARS for $3.47 AND free shipping. That’s the greatest thing about this place; it lists the books that it finds to match your search query in order of lowest TOTAL purchase amount and half the time, you get one with free shipping. 

The only difficulty I’ve found with using this website is that sometimes, you wait for the purchases to come, like anywhere, depending on where they’re shipping from and where they’re shipping to, but if you’re in no rush, it’s a great resource and one that will definitely be used month after month after a month…

If you’re an addict like me, that is :) 

Any experience with internet thrift bookshops? Comment below and let me know! Happy Adventuring! 


Love, PB


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