Isn’t It Ionic

After an amazing family vacation in London, I came home with a bunch of fun new tea to try and no hair dryer, thanks to a faulty international adaptor that burned my dryer to a crisp. I was pretty upset, considering that my trusty red Vidal Sassoon hair dryer and I have been through four years of college and countless adventures together, but I took its leaving me prematurely to be a blessing in disguise…because it leaves me with the option of getting a new hair dryer!

But which one?

This is the question that plagued me for days, so naturally, I took to Google and began my exhausting research on “The Best Hair Dryer.” To my dismay, the lists that Google was bringing to the forefront of my search contained hair dryers with prices that were in the three-digit range. A hundred dollars or more on a hair dryer? That’s definitely not what I was looking for…nor is it something that I can currently afford. I wanted a deal. I wanted something new, something cool, something versatile and something fairly inexpensive that I could buy instantaneously because, well, tomorrow is my first day of work. And boy, did I find it. My newest toy in this beauty-venture is this beauty:


And no joke, it looks exactly like that. Introducing my new friend, the Revlon Ionic Pro Stylist, 1875-watt Hair Dryer. It sounds impressive and wonderful and best of all, I got it for $15.99. That’s right, $15.99. Reviews from Ulta, Total Beauty and other similar sites proved its worth and I am so excited to begin my journey with this beauty. In addition to the major power, this hair dryer boasts two speed options, three temperature options as well as a cool shot and an on/off option for its ionic component. It has a ceramic plate and tourmaline to boot, so I’m told I’m going to definitely be getting some shine and sheen and smooth texture with less flyaways!

The coolest part is the ionic bit, I believe. I’ve yet to try anything ionic, but I’ve heard that ionic hair dryers are great for cutting down on dry time because they produce negative particles that help break up water molecules in your hair! AWESOME. And they’re great for those of us who love that sleek look, minimal flyaways and no frizziness. I’m all about that and I’m super excited that there’s a product that is too! AND, for $15.99, my hair dryer comes with a concentrator (for added specificity in styling) and a finger diffuser (for extra volume, body, and oomph).

I said I wanted a deal, didn’t I?

Anyone have a favorite styling tool? Tell me about it below and Happy Adventuring!

Love, PB


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