Threading: A Girl’s View on Eyebrow Sculpting

I didn’t even know you could shape your eyebrows. I know. It’s really a sin because now I love it. I was first cajoled into getting my eyebrows done when my sister, a fellow beauty enthusiast and fashion standout, asked me if she could do my eyebrows. And at first I remember being confused – do my eyebrows? – I didn’t even know what that meant. Then she explained that she plucked hers into an appropriate shape every few weeks to keep them sculpted and beautiful. I acquiesced and she plucked away! Soon, she was doing it for me whenever we had the chance/she had an itch to pluck the hairs that I was too lazy (and afraid) to pluck on my own.

Enter threading. Many of my friends were familiar with this practice. My knowledge of threading came only from my hurried walks past the public threading booth kiosk in our local mall. All I saw was a lady lying down, a woman with thread in her two hands and in her mouth (yuck) and I was confused as to how this actually worked. This weekend, after many, many moons of being too chicken to take it upon myself to walk into the threading station, I did it. 

First and foremost, the part of the thread that is in the threader’s mouth never, ever touches your face. That part gave me a lot of relief. I was also really impressed with the way they first examined the shape of my eyebrows and how they fit with my face and what shape would look best. Using a brow brush, she smoothed my hairs and laid them in the appropriate direction getting a feel for the shape, and then after deciding in which direction she wanted to go, she pulled some thread from a nearby spool (I’m sure they go through a lot of thread) and began her magic. At first, I was surprised – I read that the thread kind of acts like a giant tweezer in the sense that the hairs get stuck in between the two moving strands and are plucked at once. And that’s what it feels like, initially. Like my hairs are all being plucked at one time. But once she got the rhythm going, I fell into this lovely stupor, closed my eyes and let her deal with it.

At the end of the threading session, they applied this delicious-smelling cooling gel to my eyebrows which helped A TON since my skin is so sensitive and I sat up to see eyebrows with wonderful arches and a great shape, easy to fill-in and maintain. The session itself cost me $12 but it was worth every penny. The entire appointment (I was a walk-in) lasted six minutes from door to chair to back out the door. It was beautiful.

For all of you girls out there with extremely sensitive skin, I would say this is the way to go. After trying plucking and being too afraid to wax because of the sensitivity of my skin, I have definitely found my favorite hair removal method for eyebrows. I think you should give it a shot!

Tell me about your experiences with threading below! Happy Adventuring!

Love, PB



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