Skincare Sunday: New Year, New Regimen

In an effort to keep myself accountable, I’ve made myself a schedule of weekly installments so that if I cannot post more than once or twice a week, there will at least be these fun posts to keep you all on the edge of your seat!

To herald in 2015, I began the hunt for a better skincare regimen. I wanted balanced skin. I wanted smooth skin. I wanted something that was going to help my combination skin become more even-keeled and much more receptive to anything and everything I deigned to put on it. Cue LUSH. 

I know I’ve been ranting and raving about LUSH products prior to this post, but this time, I made a commitment. I told myself that I wanted my new skincare regimen to be as natural and as raw as possible in order to rid my skin of any possible toxins or filler used in synthetic materials, and so, after careful consideration, I chose the following products for my renewal:

  1. Full of Grace Facial Serum
  2. Coalface Facial Cleanser (soap)
  3. Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser Roll
  4. Eau Roma Toner
  5. Breath of Fresh Air Toner
  6. Imperialis Facial Moisturizer

Armed with six of nature’s weapons and the experts at my local LUSH retailer, I have to say that after a month, my skin has begun looking AMAZINGLY different from what it used to! For starters, I had never used a serum prior to using Full of Grace and it feels simply amazing on the skin. On days that I want a little bit of a lighter cleanse, I use Coalface, which is their “black soap” infused with charcoal and other cleansing products that help to even out the skin and eradicate oiliness.

In addition to Coalface, which is a soap, I also use Angels on Bare Skin when I’m in need of a more exfoliating cleanse. The best part about Angels on Bare Skin is that it incorporates lavender buds and ground almonds in order to aid you in gently exfoliating and treating your skin while the kaolin clay base helps your skin to remain moisturized and rejuvenated.

The two toners I chose, Eau Roma and Breath of Fresh Air, are used for different purposes. Generally, I use Breath of Fresh Air in the morning, when that’s exactly what I need. It feels like you’re spritzing your face with rejuvenating sea waters and it’s extremely refreshing and makes your skin feel wonderful! Eau Roma has more calming properties and I use it at night, when I’m trying to relax and bring my skin down after hours of abuse through stagnant workplace air, crazy workouts and even crazier nights out ;)

Finally, my most recent LUSH discovery is their one and only Imperialis facial moisturizer. Made for individuals with combination skin, this light and effective hydrating moisturizer is great for sensitive, acne-prone and combination skin. It evens out the skin tone, balances out the oily T-zones and gives those dry patches something to drink while simultaneously providing you with a light, fresh feel reminiscent of a dewy spring morning.


All in all, a great start to a New Year!



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