Angels Everywhere

Thanks to my two new besties at Lush (Hey, Noelle and Jordan), I am now the queen of all masks. Basically of everything. After a long in-depth discussion about other beauty problems in my life, I have decided that these two masks are my absolute favorite. Ready?

The first is my go-to mask of all time. It’s actually categorized as a facial and body cleanser but, if you work enough of it into a paste and leave it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes, it becomes a mask. It’s called Angels on Bare Skin and it is absolutely flawless. Like we discussed in the last post, it is made with a base of kaolin clay and infused with a myriad of yummy goodness for your skin. It is a balancing cleanser with ground almonds and whole lavender flowers folded into the lavender-oil, chamomile-oil infused white kaolin clay. I promise that it will leave you more balaned than you can possibly imagine.


Second only to Angels on Bare Skin is my next favorite mask. This wonderful, sooty old mask is called Dark Angels and is also by LUSH. Similar to Angels on Bare Skin, Dark Angels features a kaolin clay base mixed with black sugar and rhassoul mud to provide for a deeper exfoliation, while still leaving you moisturized and smooth. In addition to the exfoliation, the kaolin clay mixed with the charcoal powder is perfect for oily skin in need of some TLC. Because of the extra exfoliation, I only use this mask twice a week and when I have breakouts that need some managing. I have to say that unlike most charcoal products, this doesn’t really leave me feeling dry or tight. It’s a pretty fantastic mixture of ingredienets and I really enjoy the way it makes my skin feel.


The best thing about these two cleansers is that they’re fairly affordable and because they are preservative-free, they are all natural and suit all skin types. I would suggest Angels on Bare Skin for anyone who is need of balancing their skin. Dark Angels, on the other hand, is more suited to those who have oily skin, BUT can definitely make a difference in the lives of those who are in need of some extra oomph in their skincare regimen.

Anyone try and LUSH products they absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Adventuring

Love, PB


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