Friday Feature: J&J No More Tangles

For those of you that don’t know me (which, let’s be real here, is most of you readers out there), I have extremely fine hair. It is fine and thin, but silky smooth. Unfortunately, as my hair lengthens, it becomes tangled, which has led me through a futile search for something to help de-knot the knots! Cue Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tangles.


This little bottle may not look like much, but it sure does pack a punch!

When I was first told about this product, I didn’t believe that it would do anything for me because, well, it’s for babies. I then thought back to all of the Johnson and Johnson products I use on a regular basis,  like their baby powder and baby shampoo (for my makeup brushes!) and baby oil (for makeup removal and moisture!) and realized, I should at least give it a fair shot. Walking into my local Walgreen’s, I picked up a bottle for a steal at $4.99. For a bottle this large, 10 fluid ounces (which is just a little smaller than your typical water bottle), this product is a steal and the best part?


After showering (or even on dry, stubborn hair), you spray this all over your hair, concentrating especially on the problem areas that contain multiple knots and tangles. Using a detangler, run the detangling comb through your hair and the tangles just fall away. It is magical and wonderful and smells absolutely divine. I have had mine since December and have barely gone through the first quarter of the bottle, with about 80% of the volume left. The scent is great, not too overpowering and it doesn’t last at all, especially after you style your hair.

But the greatest part is that it leaves your hair fresh, smooth and tangle-free.

What are your favorite hair products? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Adventuring!

Love, PB



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