Washi Madness

Now, I’m fairly new to washi tape, though I’ve heard about it for ages.

Basically, washi tape masking tape made of paper with really cute designs originating from Japan. You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest loads of times and truth be told, searching “washi tape” bombards the user with a never-ending assortment of pins. I wanted to try something a little simpler than making my closet chevron-tastic with just washi tape so, I went and picked up two rolls from Daiso aka Japanese Home Centre here in the Philippines and set about making my own project: personalization.

I know it’s a broad term, but basically what it boiled down to is this: amongst me, my mom, my cousins, all my extended family and the people I’ll be in school with, the amount of Apple iPhone chargers, iPad chargers and white cords I’ll come into contact with is infinite, and I wanted a way to set mine apart, so I knew right away that it was mine. Washi tape was my answer.


The greatest part about this little craft was that it took less than five minutes. All I did was take my roll of washi tape, and cut it to size. Then, I peeled the paper backing off the washi tape and proceeded to wrap it around each item. I also cut the washi tape in half and wrapped it around the actual part that you insert into the phone or iPad. And now, it all matches!

Have you used washi tape before? How? Let me know in the comments below and happy adventuring!

Love, PB


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