Month: August 2015

A DIY That You Can Buy!

After moving to the islands (are we all sensing a theme here? Because I am), I realized that not only did I forget most of my makeup, I actually didn’t bring any make up cleanser. Bummer. So, naturally, I took to my grandest resource for makeup tips and tricks (YouTube, woohoo) and was searching the internet for DIY daily brush cleansers and found that many of the ingredients that were listed included some distilled water, alcohol and fragrance.

As I racked my brain to figure out how to find essential oils in a third world country (well, “developing,” if we are being politically correct, but in all honesty, the Philippines still has quite a ways to go), I was in despair. Many of the drugstores here carry local brands (which is awesome) and I have not seen a single essential oil anywhere. Much to my surprise, I realized something: I have all those things here but in the best. way. possible.  (more…)