Month: October 2015

Let’s Face It

Microdermabrasion totally rocks.

I went to a local franchise called Let’s Face It and their services were awesome. I received a “Power Peel” which is exactly what it sounds like – a diamond peel on steroids. After my first-ever peel experience, my skin feels so clean and flawless. I can already see subtle changes in the geography of my skin!

The diamonds are a little bit grainy, so it feels like they’re rubbing some fine grit sandpaper gently over your face with a vacuum, because as soon as it touches your skin, it’s sucked up into this tube mechanism that makes the entire process very bearable. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Afterwards, she placed a cold towel onto my face and massaged it a bit before placing a serum on my face and patting it dry with some soft tissues.

Overall, a fantastic experience and I will be headed back monthly for more! My ultimate goal is to get rid of some of these acne scars and grooves that mottle mostly the cheeks in my T-zone area, and I think it’ll be super effective with repeated treatments so we shall see! Stay tuned for more!

Happy adventuring!


The Golden Rule

Never go to sleep without washing your face.

I know this may seem obvious to most people, but never have I believed in this rule more since moving to a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. Let me give you the low down:

  1. I’m here for medical school. That means that I am stressed, spend a lot of nights awake and don’t necessarily eat three square meals a day. Problems.
  2. There are only two seasons here: Hot/Wet and Hot/Dry.
  3. The humidity here is unreal. It feels like it literally slaps you in the face. On a GOOD day, it’s 90% humidity. On a regular day, it’s 96% humidity. That, coupled with the actual temperature, means it’s hot and constantly feels like you’re in the triple-degrees Fahrenheit range.
  4. I spend a lot of time outside. I walk to school, I use public transportation – everything here is open air and that means the dust and smoke are real. You don’t want those bad boys in your pores.
  5. Heat means oil and sweat are magnified times 100.

NOT washing your face means that you break out – without fail – the next day. It’s instantaneous. And so, I’ve discovered that a few tweaks to my previous skincare regimen have helped a lot! Here’s my newest take on the nighttime routine:

  1. Pull my hair up into a small ponytail and out of my face with a wide elastic headband.
  2. CeraVe hydrating cleanser with some cool water (because warm sink water is not a thing in my apartment, sadly)
  3. Pat dry with a towel, and allow to air dry further.
  4. Apply acne treatment (AcZone gel is my current medication of choice)
  5. SLEEP as much as possible!

The only thing stopping me from bright, beautiful skin is…well, me! Happy adventuring, friends!

Love, PB