Let’s Face It

Microdermabrasion totally rocks.

I went to a local franchise called Let’s Face It and their services were awesome. I received a “Power Peel” which is exactly what it sounds like – a diamond peel on steroids. After my first-ever peel experience, my skin feels so clean and flawless. I can already see subtle changes in the geography of my skin!

The diamonds are a little bit grainy, so it feels like they’re rubbing some fine grit sandpaper gently over your face with a vacuum, because as soon as it touches your skin, it’s sucked up into this tube mechanism that makes the entire process very bearable. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Afterwards, she placed a cold towel onto my face and massaged it a bit before placing a serum on my face and patting it dry with some soft tissues.

Overall, a fantastic experience and I will be headed back monthly for more! My ultimate goal is to get rid of some of these acne scars and grooves that mottle mostly the cheeks in my T-zone area, and I think it’ll be super effective with repeated treatments so we shall see! Stay tuned for more!

Happy adventuring!


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