About Me

Dare to be ordinary.

I know that sounds slightly off, but I mean it. We are born into a world full of people who want us to do more, to be more, to want more, to dream bigger and to leave no stone unturned. If we were to do all these things without second thought, we wouldn’t really even have time to just be. This is my stab at being. In truth, I’m new to the game of beauty blogging but it’s always been a hobby of mine. I’ve created this blog in the hopes that I can share some of my amateur enthusiasm with the world in the form of photos, reviews, opinions and just a lot of fun.

My name is Paula. I’ll never turn down french fries, although I prefer mine curly. I’m a college graduate, aspiring medical student and a hobby enthusiast. This is my lifestyle blog.



  1. We couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we catch ourselves unwillingly striving for ‘more’ just because everyone else is doing it. When we notice that, we say to ourselves: “It is OK to be you. It is OK to just be”. Thank you for reminding us that and also for a follow and a reblog. Cheers, Mladen & Milica


    1. Mladen and Milica,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! It means so much to me – I’m a huge fan of your blog! Hope we continue to stay in touch and thank you once again for your warmth and kind welcome.
      Always, PB


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