Ideas for some good, fit fun.


I swear I decide to do this every summer, but I’m impressed with myself because this is the first summer I’ve ever been totally serious about revamping my physique.

Before I began I college, I was weighing in at 120 lbs. Four years later (and half a head of grey hair later), I now weigh exactly 140 lbs. No, I’m not lying. And yes, I am so annoyed with myself. And yes, I also understand that a 20-pound weight gain isn’t the¬†freshman fifteen, but to me, it’s still a lot and I can really feel the extra weight in places where it wasn’t really apparent at all. In January of this year (my final semester in college), I decided that it was really time I make a decision: do I want to live a healthier lifestyle or am I just going to let the snide comments about my weight fester in my soul? Naturally, I thought living a healthier lifestyle would be a little more fruitful, physically, mentally and emotionally and I resolved to shape up this summer!

So, I’ve gone back on a diet. I don’t “diet” in the traditional sense, although I have tried Weight Watchers and the Paleo diet! My problem with these kinds of programs is that they’re extremely difficult to maintain and when I was on them, although they worked, when I returned to college without the ability to make my own meals, go to a grocery store (I’m carless) and without healthier eating options, maintaining either of these two diets was slim to none. Instead, I try and make healthier choices and my diet centers itself around portion control. (more…)