Let’s Face It

Microdermabrasion totally rocks.

I went to a local franchise called Let’s Face It and their services were awesome. I received a “Power Peel” which is exactly what it sounds like – a diamond peel on steroids. After my first-ever peel experience, my skin feels so clean and flawless. I can already see subtle changes in the geography of my skin!

The diamonds are a little bit grainy, so it feels like they’re rubbing some fine grit sandpaper gently over your face with a vacuum, because as soon as it touches your skin, it’s sucked up into this tube mechanism that makes the entire process very bearable. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Afterwards, she placed a cold towel onto my face and massaged it a bit before placing a serum on my face and patting it dry with some soft tissues.

Overall, a fantastic experience and I will be headed back monthly for more! My ultimate goal is to get rid of some of these acne scars and grooves that mottle mostly the cheeks in my T-zone area, and I think it’ll be super effective with repeated treatments so we shall see! Stay tuned for more!

Happy adventuring!


A DIY That You Can Buy!

After moving to the islands (are we all sensing a theme here? Because I am), I realized that not only did I forget most of my makeup, I actually didn’t bring any make up cleanser. Bummer. So, naturally, I took to my grandest resource for makeup tips and tricks (YouTube, woohoo) and was searching the internet for DIY daily brush cleansers and found that many of the ingredients that were listed included some distilled water, alcohol and fragrance.

As I racked my brain to figure out how to find essential oils in a third world country (well, “developing,” if we are being politically correct, but in all honesty, the Philippines still has quite a ways to go), I was in despair. Many of the drugstores here carry local brands (which is awesome) and I have not seen a single essential oil anywhere. Much to my surprise, I realized something: I have all those things here but in the best. way. possible.  (more…)

Pahk Yah Cah

We know how much I love on-the-go bags. 

You know, those little pouches that have some basic necessities in them that we keep in our bags, purses, backpacks, and other places? I love them. And I have recently found myself the owner of a car, a beautiful Toyota RAV4 that has yet to be named (I’m thinking something dragonesque or nerdy, like zwitterion). Now, what comes to mind is the idea of having this whole new place to myself; this is a place I can keep things, a place I have to make my own. And for all of us on-the-go, the jetsetting, place-to-place-getting type of girl (or guy), we need the appropriate tools in order to make our lives flow from location to location seamlessly. 

Enter the carpack. Or, as I like to call it, my beaugo (pronounced like “Hugo” and a combination of beauty-on-the-go because I’m not that creative). Mine is a simple waterproof pouch that I received from my big sister and fellow blogger, The Lauren Lizzie (check her out, it’s fun to read!) that has a picture of Le Petit Prince on it and a beautiful quote about the sheep, hehe. I actually keep it inside the console. What’s in beaugo, you ask? Let me tell you: (more…)

Schlepping Around

I love purses. I really do and I have found in my very short two decades and change years of life that there are many, many things that a woman should keep in her purse at all times, because we’ve got to be prepared for every situation that life throws our way!

That’s how I am, I’m a woman that believes that prevention and preparation are absolutely key to great days. I mean, granted, you can’t possibly prepare for everything, but feeling somewhat ready for most situations lends to a certain degree of relaxation that I find quite pleasant. Now, please don’t judge me; I’ve already warned you about my slightly anal retentive personality, but if you absolutely must judge me, feel free (as long as you promise to at least try one thing from this post, heh)!

First, the purse: my current summer favorite has been this bright green Longchamp tote given to me by an aunt as a gift.


I know you can’t really see from the picture, but this purse is HUGE and is really my catch-all for all the things I carry around with me. Unique to the Longchamp style, this bag has no interior pockets and is kind of just one cavernous hole to fill with items of your choosing save the small key pocket right under the flap. It’s sturdy, wide at the bottom and is honestly larger than it looks. In addition to my usual, I was in a tight spot and had to shove my laptop, charger and iPad into it and everything was perfect, with room left over!  (more…)